In the not so olden days of dial up connection, you could download a film in around 28 hours. By this time, all your friends have seen it, the new release hype had died down and now it’s on the shelf for £3. With broadband, the super-fast download speeds mean that you can be the first to see a film, become that film critic from within and now join in with current entertainment.

Broadband has also revolutionised telephone systems by enabling them to now transmit data faster than ever. Advances in technology have given us the option whether to do things the easy or the hard way. It is undeniable that broadband connections have made our lives more convenient with everything being at the click of a button whether it’s having your groceries delivered, booking a flight or finding love online.

Television, phones and the internet all have one thing defining in common, they are great forms of communication. In this day an age we take this communication element for granted and with our 24/7 access to each other now the world is getting a smaller place than ever. Networks have the capability of keeping you entertained for endless amounts of hours with more and more channels becoming available who needs to leave the house? The same applies to the internet and the great new feature of shopping on-line whenever you need too. You can get any service you require on-line and potentially never leave the house ever again.

Remember being a small child and never being able to get hold of your friends or having to go around to their house to ‘call’ for them, hoping they were in? Well with the phones of today we often wonder how we managed in life. It is so much easier today to stay in contact with each other or be up to date on current events. We are also working smarter nowadays too, with the introduction of things like an 0800 number (Visit City Numbers for their input on 0800 numbers), voip systems, smart phones, and the new digital era we can make any situation an advantage for ourselves. With the new age of HD we have the ability to make our television pictures even better then they were before particularly with dynamic 3D and amazing broadband speeds.